For R&D

You are an experienced researcher in the field of bulk processing or material recovery . You are seeking for an approach and tools to communicate about your new investigations. You are interested in describing waste in an unambiguous manner and you want to develop and test material recovery equipment.
What can we offer:

    • A framework to describe mixed bulk
      Sampling and monitoring suggestions to create statistically sound data
    • A particle Characterization Device (PCD) to enter arrays of particle data efficiently
    • Neural net tools to create Unit Operation Models, based on experimental data
    • Ability to show the functioning of new equipment in a plant
    • The theoretical knowledge of TU Delft combined with the practical and economical knowledge of Decistor stands for a user-friendly and useful model.

The development of algorithms, describing a piece of equipment can take years, but  will generate a lot of knowledge about possible improvements. With our Blackbox approach this is ready within a few weeks.