About Decistor

Decistor inc. is a knowledge technology company, independently consulting in the area of Urban Mining.  Established in 2006, Decistor is owned by Robert Leeftink. The development of software a collaboration of Decistor with TU Delft since early 2007. Navitas was contracted by Decistor to create the software.

The development is funded solely with equity of Decistor until 2014. Since 2014 there has been involvement of private funding.

Some subsidy was granted. Importance of this is the recognition of the unique and innovative character of the software by the Dutch government, which is exceptional for software development.

Decistor currently has three employees.
We may use TU Delft Lab facilities for experiments.

More than 25 years of involvement in the recycling industry has resulted in a diversity of knowledge about recycling equipment, process technology, operations management and product chains. This enables us to make an estimation of economic advantage, workability and long-term effects on the market and the environment.

After six years of development, ParsimPro Simulation software can be used for the secondary raw materials industry to advise on design, operations management and contract definition. A combination of experience, Simulation software and the developed approach should guarantee a high added value for our customers.

Mission & Vision

Decistor aims to utilize expertise and technology to create valuable Urban Mining solutions that are profitable for businesses and have a positive impact on our environment.

Collaboration with knowledge partners is encouraged to promote rapid development of software and associated databases.

After six years of development, ParsimPro simulation software can be used to advise  the secondary raw materials industry on design, operations management and contract definition. A combination of experience, ParsimPro simulation software and developed approaches should guarantee a high added value for our customers.