For producers of secondary Raw materials

You are an experienced recycler. You have one or more waste recovery facilities in operation . You know the revenues and the qualities that the facilities offer. You suspect additional results can be achieved  “ sailing closer to the wind”.

At first this implies  optimizing operations management focusing on existing contracts:

  • Cost reduction;
  • Increase of Flexibility

Then, three directions of improvement are obvious :

  • Assessment of details , e.g. maintenance frequency
  • Reconsider and negotiate contracts, based on better information
    about feedstock, products and the recovery process
  • Installation of new equipment components.

The added value of Decistor during design phase:

  • Avoid malinvestments
  • Check warranties
  • Faster commission

The added value of Decistor during operation:

  • Matching of purchase, production and sales
  • Produce according to specifications
  • Know and decrease processing costs
  • Create Flexibility on dynamic markets