For Policy makers

You are an experienced policy maker in the field of raw materials recovery. You are seeking for an approach to communicate about the policies, but you realize that secondary raw materials are mixed bulk and should be described as such.
You are interested in describing waste in an unambiguous manner and you want to assess and compare the technical, environmental and economic achievements of materials recovery processes.
What can we offer:

  • A framework to describe mixed bulk
  • Tools to describe mixing and separation processes in an unambiguous way
  • Tools to compare materials recovery processes
  • The theoretical knowledge of TU Delft combined with the practical and economical knowledge of Decistor stands for a user-friendly and useful model.

The development of algorithms, describing a piece of equipment can take years. With our Blackbox approach this is ready within a few weeks.
We have a new approach for waste sampling and description.
We sample the products of separation and translate the data to describe the composition of the feedstock.
This method is easier to operate and more reliable than traditional methods for waste composition description.